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The Ratroom is now separated into two rat-proof sections, one for bucks, one for does, so now both sexes can freerange happily without worry of popping billions of baybeez.

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I've just added the clip of Feel the Fear, broadcast a few years ago, which featured two of my ratties. Go to the bottom of the Rats In Motion page to watch it!


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If you're experiencing health problems in your mischief, please consider visiting my Mischief's sister site

Here you'll find documents on common problems and how to deal with them, as well as photographs of things such as tumours, pyometra, abscesses, and other common ratty problems.


This is the famous Frisbee, my sister's first rat, and the rat who started my interest.

Until then I'd had experience of Gerbils, Mice, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Hamsters, well, almost any small pet possible, yet I was amazed at how much this beautiful rat could love it's human. Frisbee and my sister were inseparable.

Sadly, what Frisbee is famous for is also what took her from us - mammary tumours!

After numerous tumour removals, she was treated quite successfully with both Tamoxifen and Toremifene, which added at least another 6 months on her life.


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