Over the years I've experienced my fair share of ratty pregnancies and births, and how could I have a website without sharing how wonderful baby rats are.

Before we get to the photos though, I'd like to implore anyone who thinks they might like to get into breeding to please consider the many rescued and unwanted ratties who need a home already as you could end up adding to this growing problem.

*Only breed if you know your buck and doe to be of great health and temperament*

*Only breed if you have the future forever homes lined up or you intend to keep them yourself - even if there are 20 babies!*

*Only breed if you are experienced enough in general rat care and have a good reliable and rat-savvy vet who could help if there are any problems*

*Only breed when you've done enough research into what can go wrong and how to know the signs beforehand*

Sorry to be a nag, but as a rescuer, this is of great importance to me.


On to the photos....